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FJCU’s Active Promotion of Epidemic Prevention Education in Local Communities 2020

International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC)

Community Epidemic Prevention and Health Awareness – Long-Term Project
FJCU’s Department of Nursing offers a community health and sanitation internship course, and each year it would organize more than 15 events centered on group health education, such as teaching elementary school students how to wash their hands properly to prevent enterovirus infections, educating communities on dengue fever prevention, leading exercise activities for the elderly, and so forth. More than 50 such events have been held over 3 years. Nursing students enrolled in the course promote all sorts of educational events on health and disease prevention in local communities. Adjustments are made to these events in accordance with the target group and venue, and through interesting activities such as drama performances, information sessions, group games, and others, the students are able to achieve the goal of educating the public on health.

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