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A New Atmosphere for Healthy Diet – The “Happy Dinner Table Project” for Families 2020

International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC)

Nutrition and Care – Long-Term Project
The "Happy Dinner Table" project was launched to integrate nutrition education, development of a family meal happiness chart, a dietary indicator model, and a guide for reheating leftovers into family and parent-child meal design. At the same time, we also created a meal-sharing handbook and a parenting handbook for nutrition education. We also designed a “Happy Family Meals” menu (including menus for festivals), parent-child cooking lesson plans, and healthy menus that can be rotated for pre-schools. We not only develop teaching materials and teaching strategies through FJCU courses but also organize workshops and train teachers to promote healthy recipes in schools and in local communities. We aim to create happy dinner tables for families as well as a good and proper eating atmosphere centered on the family, and to spread these concepts to create health and welfare for all.

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