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New Frontiers for University Leaders: The Future of Health and the University Ecosystem

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Pope Francis met with participants of the International Conference for Leaders of Catholic Universities, a forum organized by the International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC), on 4th November 2019. The Pope stated that Catholic universities should “teach, conduct research and prepare new generations to become not only qualified professionals in various disciplines, but also proponents of the common good, creative and responsible leaders in social and civil life, equipped with a proper vision of the person and the world.” He called upon the FIUC “to take up the moral imperative of striving to achieve a more united international academic community,” adding that “the university system today faces new challenges arising from the development of the sciences, the evolution of new technologies and the needs of society, all of which invite academic institutions to provide appropriate and up-to-date responses.” FJCU President Vincent Chiang Han-sun was invited to speak at the forum, and gave a talk entitled “Medical Schools, Health Education, and Catholic Teaching: Opportunities, Problems, Best Practices”. He stated that “as the sole Catholic university across the straits, FJCU stands together with Pope Francis. FJCU adopts a holistic approach to education on the basis of truth, goodness, beauty, and holiness, and strives to spur exchange between the Chinese culture and the Catholic faith. In the spirit of Christian universal love, FJCU cultivates students to be responsible leaders in society, to value human dignity and seek their purpose in life, with a proper vision of the individual and the world as they serve the community in the spirit of benevolence. As a school, FJCU inculcates humanistic care and concern into its educational philosophy, encouraging students to take into account all that contributes to their personal growth and to develop a unique perceptiveness to these factors, so as to develop the university ecosystem. “The ecosystem of universities develops when every member of the university becomes sensitive to each person and to the whole person, to the context in which people live and grow, and to everything that can contribute to their advancement.”

Fu Jen Catholic University (FJCU) was founded in 1925 in Beijing and re-established in 1961 in Taiwan. The school was founded upon the Catholic spirit of reverence for God and love for all humanity, as well as the motto of “Truth, Goodness, Beauty, Holiness”. At the time of the university’s re-establishment, Catholic priests and sisters who traveled from mainland China to Taiwan founded the various colleges. They not only possessed great expertise in their respective fields but also educated our students with rigor, love, and care. Moreover, they even helped students with their living expenses and the costs of studying abroad. Therefore, the students at FJCU have a deep connection with FJCU and often give back to their alma mater.

With traditional Catholic educational roots, the Fu Jen Catholic University (FJCU) is a comprehensive university that bridges between Chinese culture and Christian faith. FJCU was founded in 1925 in Beijing and re-established in 1961 in Xinzhuang, Taipei County (now a part of New Taipei City). Located in the Taipei metropolitan area, FJCU is globally connected. With 12 Colleges, Fu Jen is sensitive to the needs of society and seeks to develop a spirit of compassion and service, along with an active justice commitment. By committing to a dialogue leading to the development of society and advancement of humankind, FJCU is dedicated to fostering global citizens with professional skills, international vision, and moral ethics. As the only Catholic University established by the Holy See in Chinese-speaking areas globally, FJCU altogether strives to be a more inclusive, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly university.
60 years since re-establishment,
Fu Jen’s glory shines forevermore!

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