SDGs Stories

FJCU collaborates with B Lap Taiwan to found the first B Corp Program in the Asia-Pacific region 2020

International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC)

In January 2018, the B Academy was founded at Fu Jen to expose both the public and students to both B corporations and responsible business principles. Since then, both B Academy and B Lab Taiwan have jointly and mutually supported each other. And since then, New Taipei City’s Fu Jen Catholic University has collaborated with B Lab Taiwan on relevant curricula developments. In the Asia-Pacific region, Fu Jen founded the first higher education linked B Corp program. From this program so far, twenty-three students have graduated. In this program, students need to complete two compulsory classes (CSR & Sustainability; Topics in Social Entrepreneurship). Such two classes are coupled with choosing a company of the students’ choice to complete a B Impact Assessment to help set both short and mid-term goals (i.e. experiential learning).

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* FJCU implements SDG-related projects and policies
* FJCU collaborates with research centers in the EU for the welfare of laboratory animals
* FJCU is part of the NCD Risk Factor Collaboration, and conducts research on hypertension, hyperglycemia, and hyperlipidemia
* FJCU works with Duke University to research the effects of PM2.5 on human health, which in turn will raise global awareness of the issue of air pollution
* In collaboration with domestic and international universities, FJCU is committed to cross-institutional understanding of the compatibility of SDGs with institutional and regional development
* FJCU works with government agencies, for-profit organizations, and non-profit organizations to understand and take action on the SDGs’ universal social governance mechanisms
* FJCU’s Master’s Program in Social Enterprise upholds the university’s role in society
* FJCU collaborates with B Lap Taiwan to found the first B Corp Program in the Asia-Pacific region