SDGs Stories

FJCU’s research efforts aid people with disabilities 2020

International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC)

Research Projects
1. Creating Braille with Paraffin
With funding from the Ministry of Science and Technology, FJCU participated in a competition and was awarded corporate funding and an opportunity for technical consultation to make a Braille typewriter that it is currently developing more competitive on the market, which would be beneficial to the visually-handicapped.

2. Studies of Fabrication of Colorblind Glasses by Optical Thin Film Coating with Mathematical Modeling
This study focused on correcting color-blindness, which is caused by defects in the three types of cone cells, using special optical filters to attenuate the spectrum of light sensed by the cone cells so colors can be balanced and normal color vision can be restored.

Developing Academic Resources

1. Medical Information Enhancing Quality Education
Helping students develop the ability to adapt to society and a sense of responsibility. Through short-term education projects, students will learn how to use the least amount of resources to enhance learning while also successfully completing the task at hand.

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