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FJCU collaborates with the New Sorbonne University on intercultural exchange between two cities 2020

International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC) International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC)

College of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Bourgogne international volunteer and cultural service :
1. Demonstrating the dedication to participating in the international community as well as the international communication skills of Taiwan’s youths.
2. Providing professional cultural services for Taiwan-France relations through a mature understanding and sensitivity for French society and culture.
3. Playing the role of global citizens by showing concern for the rights of marginalized communities and children of vulnerable groups.

1. Total number of volunteer(s): 1
2. Number of beneficiaries: A total of 30 participants attended the “Taiwan Night” event, enjoying Taiwan’s unique cuisine as well as learning Chinese. Religious interaction was conducted in small groups, with 5 participants per group. Taiwan Night lasted a total of 1.5 hours; religious interaction time varied in length.
3. Number of beneficiaries: Services for the Disadvantaged Day, Family Week, and Youth Week all had more than 100 participants. Services for the Disadvantaged Day and Youth Week activities lasted for 1 hour, while Family Week activities lasted 2 hours.

Related practical events:
* FJCU works together with international partners to collate information on SDGs
* By collaborating with the Society of Jesus in Banteay Meanchey, Cambodia, FJCU learned that there is a lack of teachers in the area, and decided to provide resources and training
* By collaborating with NGO Philippine Philanthropic Fund, FJCU learned that enrolment was less than 50% in elementary schools in the Philippines, and decided to help provide education to children living in dense urban areas marked by poverty
* By collaborating with Xavier Learning Community, FJCU learned that impoverished youths in northern Thailand lack access to tertiary education, and decided to provide aid to local efforts in offering Chinese language classes
* By working with Father Vinai of Huilong Chinese School in northern Thailand, FJCU learned that communities in the region are challenged on three fronts due to historical factors: social issues, a lack of teachers, and lack of education
* FJCU collaborated with the Department of Biology of the University of San Carlos to improve the productivity of livestock
* FJCU collaborated with University of Leuven to hold seminars for cultural exchange
* FJCU collaborates with domestic and international agencies in an effort to enable the sharing of medical knowledge across languages
* FJCU collaborates with the New Sorbonne University on intercultural exchange between two cities