SDGs Stories

Collaboration between FJCU’s College of Social Sciences and Government Agencies for Policy-Focused Research 2020

International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC)

Department of Social Work, College of Social Sciences:
1. Ministry of Health and Welfare-Project Title: Community Helpers of Drug Addicts - Effects of Family-based SHIFT Program on the Parenting and Family Functioning of (Meth)Amphetamine Users; Project Details: (1) Adapting the German SHIFT program on parenting skills for those with drug addictions, and developing a program suitable for Taiwan to help people addicted to drugs improve family functioning. (2) Piloting the Taiwanese SHIFT program in collaboration with Deferred Prosecution with Condition to Complete Addiction Treatment units in northern, central, and southern Taiwan. (3) Measuring effectiveness on test group to establish evidence-based data.

2. Academy for the Judiciary, Ministry of Justice-Project Title: Family Skills Training Programs for the Prevention of Drug Use in Taiwan Communities – Design of Teaching Materials and Program Trial Phase II; Project Details: (1) Compiling and editing group teaching materials and teacher's manuals in accordance with UNODC’s guide on implementing family skills training programs for youths. (2) Training professional personnel. (3) Recruiting youths and parents troubled by drug addiction, implementing the trial program, and evaluating its effectiveness.

3. Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor-Project Title: Challenges to Employment Services in an Aging Society and Ways to Respond; Project Details: (1) Analyzing the changes in job-seeking behaviors and patterns of middle-aged and elderly people as well as the changes in talent-seeking behaviors and manpower utilization of enterprises in Taiwan’s aging society. (2) Reviewing the contents of the Middle-aged and Elderly Employment Promotion Act, and identifying the key objectives that can be systematically supported by public employment agencies. (3) Examining the existing measures and employment services for the middle-aged and elderly in Taiwan. (4) Collecting information on the practices and experiences of other countries (e.g. Japan, South Korea, Germany, etc.) in promoting employment and providing employment services for the middle-aged and elderly in order to serve as a reference for the adjustment and improvement of Taiwan's policies and measures in the future.