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FJCU strives to provide services to people with disabilities 2020

International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC)

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1. In 2019, FJCU applied for a total of NTD$ 5,610,314 in grant subsidies from the Ministry of Education for projects that recruit and aid students with disabilities. As the number of students with special needs increased, the amount granted surpassed the previous year by NTD$146,628 (an increase of 2.6%).
2. Students who are unable to travel to and from the campus by themselves require the assistance of others; for those students, a transportation subsidy of NTD$7,200 is provided per academic year. A total of 7 students applied in 2019, amounting to NTD$50,400.
3. FJCU has borrowed 20 pieces of equipment from the Center of Assistive Technology for Visually Impaired Students in Tertiary Education, including laptops, Braille monitors, portable video magnifiers, and more; 4 multi-channel receivers from the Center of Assistive Technology for Hearing Impaired Students in Tertiary Education; and 8 electric wheelchairs from Center of Assistive Technology for Students with Physical Disabilities in Tertiary Education, for a total of 23 students to use.
4. In the 2019 school year, 32 students applied for assistive services, and a total of 3,162 service hours was provided.
In the 2019 school year, 15 students applied for real-time transcribing services, and a total of 1,628 service hours was provided.