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FJCU Stakeholder Identification Policy – Alumni Links 2020

International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC)

Alumni links: FJCU has 47 alumni associations and 73 departmental alumni associations around the world. As of now, we are actively engaged in the following three areas:

(1) Organizing alumni associations: Through alumni associations and gatherings around the world, we can maintain good relationships and contact with alumni. Also, through the use of social media, alumni can be informed of any news concerning FJCU instantly, which would make alumni rally behind their alma mater and, in turn, create a long-lasting relationship.
(2) Alumni service platform: The FJCU alumni database system was set up in 2003 to integrate all the services provided to alumni by the school, and offers consistent, convenient, stable, and safe online services.
(3) Spreading the word about alumni achievements: In addition to selecting outstanding alumni every year, FJCU actively spreads the word about awards and honors received by outstanding alumni from around the world.
Through the information, each department and college can invite alumni to return to the campus at appropriate times and occasions to conduct seminars, lectures, or other activities, so as to achieve engagement with local stakeholders.

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