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Marine State Sustainable Environmental Protection Plan 2021

International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC) International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC)

The marine environment, you and I will protect, change together, endlessly

Learn the limit, love the sea without limit
Promote sustainable environment and protect healthy homes

The clean sea operation is a high-level activity to protect the ocean. This activity ends the life cycle of garbage, avoids damage to sea creatures, cultivates the values ​​of loving the sea and protecting the sea, the perception of changes in the marine environment, and being aware of the seriousness and complexity of plastic waste. Think about the behavior of consuming plastic packaging, and re-understand whether the food eaten in the stomach is safe. When we establish the value of plastic reduction, and then care about the international plastic reduction policy, the marine environment and the survival of small island organisms, we will take the initiative to understand the problem, learn from domestic and foreign cases, and share Send a letter to friends around you or send a letter to the competent authority to use the power of citizens to supervise the government.
Fu Jen Catholic University not only implements environmental protection education through this course, but also promotes students to reduce the use of plastic bags, avoid permanent waste, and use course promotion to achieve a clean natural living environment and reduce the amount of garbage in daily life. It also cultivates students' interest in sports through related courses, provides students with good water sports ability in school, and improves students' employment opportunities in related industries. Furthermore, in addition to employment, the course study also has related knowledge of life-saving and survival in the waters, and enhances students' knowledge of life safety.
Every year, the school cultivates more than 200 people who have successfully obtained diver licenses, and 15 people have successfully obtained diving instructor licenses. Teacher Yang Hanzhen and Teacher Huang Baifang lead the assistant big diving wolf for 20 years of marine talent cultivation and beach cleaning.