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FJCU Library - Cardinal Shan Library 2020

International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC)

As a link to a world of resources, FJCU’s libraries are equipped with a rich and diverse collection of materials. It is an educational hub that offers in person support and hosts workshops and events periodically. FJCU has three libraries: Fahy Library, Kungpo Library, and the Cardinal Shan Library. In addition to aiding the teaching, research, and academic development of teachers and students, these libraries also provide temporary library cards for free to the general public in exchange for personal IDs, which are returned afterwards. After obtaining these cards, visitors may swipe in and read from the libraries’ collection of publications. Alumni may use their alumni card to access the libraries’ collections. If they wish to borrow books, they must apply for a library card.

Cardinal Shan Library has about 800 square meters in floor area. Its collection features books and periodicals on the subjects of medical research, mainly medicine, nursing, public health, psychotherapy, rehabilitation, and more.

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