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FJCU’s Culturally Representative Building - Immaculate Conception Chapel 2020

International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC)

FJCU has Chung Mei Auditorium, Immaculate Conception Chapel, Saint Mary’s Grotto, and Mausoleum of Cardinal Yu Pin. These buildings located around campus are of local cultural importance or have a religious meaning. All of these buildings are open to the public for free, where they can participate in events such as mass or festivals. For those who are not affiliated with the university can rent some of the venues (e.g. Chung Mei Auditorium) for a rental fee by filling an application.

Immaculate Conception Chapel is one of the churches where FJCU hosts important ceremonies and events. It is also where the general public can attend mass on Sundays. The church was completed in 1979, and its interior was decorated by Francisca Borboa, a Mexican artist. The church is a three-story Romanesque building decorated with mosaics. The second story is fan-shaped, symbolizing the faithful coming from all directions to return to the Lord’s embrace. The stained glass on the outside of the church features stories from the Bible. The outside of the church is all white, representing purity, austerity, and solemnity.

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