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Supporting female students and safeguarding their right to education 2021

International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC)

FJCU offers the following enrollment programs and scholarships to female students:

  1. A scholarship information system where students can apply for various scholarships offered by both the university and by outside organizations.

  2. Financial aid programs for disadvantaged students (common financial aid measures) such as financial aid for disadvantaged and underprivileged students, stipends for living expenses, grants for the underprivileged, emergency relief grants, and discounted housing.

  3. Student loans and student fee reductions to help students overcome economic hardships and have peace of mind while attending school.

  4. FJCU offers the following enrollment programs and other supports for female students:
    1. On and off-campus work-study information to help students who need to be financially independent.

    2. Ministry of Education Youth Development Administration leadership training camps for female students in higher education, which advance the leadership knowledge and skills of female students in higher education and cultivate their leadership potential.

    3. Zonta International District 31 R.O.C. Women in Technology Scholarship, which encourages women to pursue degrees in IT or research related fields and to take on leadership positions.

    4. Every two years, the Council of Indigenous People holds an opinion leader training program where indigenous women are encouraged to develop their potential and to increase their participation and influence in public affairs.