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FJCU protects women’s right to education and abides 2023

FJCU offers the following admissions program and guidance for female students:

  1. During winter and summer breaks, high school camps and future student networks provide a channel for high school students to better understand the university.

  2. The university works with high schools to offer advanced placement courses to give students an opportunity to understand the nature of university courses .

  3. Prerequisite credit courses are provided to new students before the start of the semester to allow them to become accustomed to university courses before the semester begins.

  4. The upperclassman system helps new students understand university culture before the semester begins.

  5. Advisors for each class are able to better understand the students and improve their guidance through the psychological and lifestyle scales that new students fill out on the advisor guidance system during enrollment.

  6. The new student section on the learning resources website allows new students to quickly learn about various resources offered by the university.

  7. Related policy:
    Established (1947)
    Reviewed (2020)