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FJCU assists students that are in the bottom 10% percentile in national income 2020

International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC)

FJCU provides free accommodations and utilities to low income students who have completed 30 hours of community service at school each semester.
Furthermore, FJCU also provides life assistance programs. Every semester, there are 3-month work study programs that are available to low and lower-middle income students. The students are sent to various departments within the university and must complete 30 work hours every month, receiving NTD$6000. If they have good grades, then they only need to work 25 hours a month. Masters’ students also only need to work 25 hours a month.

Number of students who applied for the work-study program:

  • 2017 :359
  • 2018 :405
  • 2019 :389