SDGs Stories

Let everyone enjoy the basic right to food. Fu Jen Catholic University and the Shing Yi Welfare And Charity Foundation jointly established the Xinzhuang Food Bank. 2023

Eradicating poverty of all forms everywhere is the first of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the most difficult social problem to solve. Although Taiwan has experienced rapid economic development, many underprivileged people are still extremely deprived of food. One of the development goals of Fu Jen Catholic University is "humanistic care", and it is located in the Xinzhuang area. It will serve more local residents, to make the social engagement of the university more innovative, so that the energy of relevant academic research and services can reach the community.

The College of Social Sciences, Fu Jen Catholic University has partnered with the "TPE Food Bank" established by the "Shing Yi Welfare And Charity Foundation". After nearly a year of searching, we finally rented the current location and renovated it to set up a brand new brick-and-mortar food bank in the Xinzhuang area. The establishment of the food bank was also greatly supported by the "strongest village chief on the earth", Mr. Fong, Ho-sang, and the Alliance of Taiwan Food Banks with their valuable advice. In cooperation with enterprises, the sources of dried food and fresh produce include “Carrefour Taiwan”, “Yamazaki Baking”, and “Leezen Company Ltd.”, as well as donations from Siduoli Co., Ltd. for refrigerators and household goods, and the Shing Yi Welfare And Charity Foundation for procurement of supplies. Services include regular supplies for the underprivileged and food packages for the homeless/vagabonds in Xinzhuang. It is expected to provide food service to more than 100 households, about 500 people, and more than 5,000 kg of food per month. We will also cooperate with the Social Welfare Department, New Taipei City, to provide food packages to nonprofit organizations for homeless/vagabonds to receive food supplies.

This project is also a concrete manifestation of Fu Jen’s University Social Responsibility (USR). The College of Social Sciences, Fu Jen Catholic University will launch three courses with about 300 student volunteers. A number of faculty members from the Department of Social Work, Department of Sociology, and Department of Economics of the College of Social Sciences will participate in the project. They will conduct research on underprivileged families and the homeless/vagabonds, expecting that the research results will provide feedback on the improvement of practical operation.

This project is the first food bank in Taiwan to be jointly established by a foundation and a university, and to integrate academic research and related government agencies to coordinate resources from various parties to generate greater social benefits. The ultimate goal of Fu Jen Catholic University and the Shing Yi Welfare And Charity Foundation is to advocate for and benefit Xinzhuang, so that its residents can improve their quality of life through the operation of the food bank and live and work in peace and contentment.