SDGs Stories

Dialogue and cooperation with the New Taipei City Government on various sustainable development issues of Xinzhuang, Wugu and Taishan 2023

At the end of December 2020, the Fu Jen Catholic University team went to the New Taipei City Government, and the two parties jointly held the "In order to promote the sustainable development of the Daxinzhuang area, the Fu Jen Catholic University and the New Taipei City Government cooperated on the USR and SDGs project research conference", Fu Jen Catholic University proposed Eight major USR and SDGs projects focus on the "New Taipei New Wutai Area" where the school is located, and cooperate with 16 relevant units in New Taipei City to establish 4 USR communities and class groups to integrate the United Nations SDGs sustainable development goals. Promote social innovation and implement university social responsibilities. It is hoped that each plan can be implemented in detail, and each plan can become the seeds of plan practice and form a model. Finally, the model will be successfully replicated in various areas of New Taipei City.
The relevant plans formulated in response to the sustainability policy promoted by New Taipei City are as follows:

  1. Project of Local Creation Cooperation Base for National Aboriginal Regions
  2. Xinzhuang Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: Creating a Cultural and Ecological Corridor for University and Community Sharing
  3. Happiness, health and livability: the establishment and assistance plan of the community's multiple sports health support system
  4. TH2E Interdisciplinary Health* Happy Elderly Program
  5. Implementation of the University’s Social Responsibility Program-Zhongxin Food Bank Cooperative Program, Cold Return Program, Homeless Support Program
  6. Long-term integrated care service Program
  7. Residents of Xinzhuang, Wugu, and Taishan participated in the sustainable development of the Living Lab big data platform
  8. Foreign Labor Management Program