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FJCU’s Implementation of Policies to Uphold Academic Freedom. 2020

International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC)

Since the resumption of the university in 1961, FJCU has been conducting its academic research and teaching in accordance with Article 11 of the Constitution of Taiwan. Also, Article 4 of FJCU’s regulations on the organization of the school states that “the educational goals of this university are: ... 3. To conduct teaching and research, respect academic freedom and academic integrity, and promote the integration of knowledge”, a declaration that echoes the Constitution.

The majority of departments, colleges, and institutes in the university publishes their own periodicals, including academic journals and magazines, and has their own editorial committees; also, they are free to hold various academic lectures, seminars, and forums. All faculty members are free to develop his or her own area of expertise, participate in academic activities, and publish their research at their own discretion. Therefore, this university does formulate and implement an academic freedom policy that encourages faculty to freely engage in all fields of research, including the freedom to choose fields of research and the freedom to publish and teach their research, without any restriction or limitation.