SDGs Stories

FJCU works with the local government to help promote balanced urban renewal through social security and urban development programs. 2022

The FJCU Department of Landscape Architecture works with the Keelung City Government and New Taipei City Government on their urban development plans and promotion of urban renewal.

Practical case:
The Taibai community in Keelung is a settlement formed by dockworkers under the white rice urn fort, a historical site in the city. The earliest settlement can be traced back to the Jose period. In the great voyage era, this place was once a relay station for the Spanish voyages. In the bulk carrier era, the Taibai community was the core of Keelung's underground economy. However, after the containerization of Keelung Port, the community had gradually declined. Therefore, the residents hope to figure out how to rebuild the community to reproduce the prosperous scene with the courses through cooperation of Department of Landscape Architecture.

In the implementation of the design course relocation teaching, they walk out from the classroom and involved the community directly, contact the residents and the real base environment, to cultivate students' ability to solve problems by design. The aims are to establish students' response to real topics. For the 4 months of entering the community, 6 formal community workshops and 1 community food activity were launched, as well as spontaneous and intensive student visits. The community has responded enthusiastically and hopes to continue cooperation.

Taibai community in Keelung is a settlement workshop, Facebook