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FJCU Promote sustainable commuting 2021

International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC) International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC)

FJCU keeps track of green commuting by relying on mode of commute, shuttle buses, public transportation capacity and crowd estimation.
We have also revised our on-campus parking fee policy to use prices to control the volume and encourage green commuting.

  1. FJCU has two electric golf carts, which can be used by those with disabilities. Approximately 50 people use the golf cart per day.

  2. There is a UBIKE station at Exit 4 of Fu Jen University MRT Station and by the pedestrian walkway of Cardinal Shan Library, which is adjacent to FJCU Hospital.

  3. The UBIKEs can be used by the general public, teachers, and students. About 350 people use them every day.

  4. FJCU Hospital provides free shuttle bus services to MRT stations via 5 routes multiple times a day. Shuttle service is adjusted according to visitor demand, and used by approximately 1,860 people every day.