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FJCU Arts and heritage contribution 2022

FJCU Long-term outstanding contribution to the improvement of local artistic and cultural literacy.
The arts contributed by FJCU are listed below:

  1. FJCU’s Center for the Arts organizes professional artistic and cultural performances of various kinds, compiles important updates on arts and culture from within the school, organizes events featuring resident artists, cultivates the growth of the art industry, trains professional ambassadors of art, and enriches art and culture opinion columns. In the 2020, it organized a free music lecture and concert as well as four ticketed art symposiums, lectures, and tours.

  2. The Arens Multi-functional Conference Center has put on theatrical, musical, and dance performances for the purpose of cultivating people’s interest in arts and culture. The Center can also hold international academic conferences to help promote academic exchanges. Free lighting and sound workshops are held regularly to equip people behind the scenes with expertise in technical safety. From time to time, groups from within or outside the school put on various performances at the center, such as drama, dance, music, and talent nights for singers.

  3. The College of Foreign Languages Theater not only teaches courses on acting, but also puts on performances by people from within or outside the school, and offers courses in the performing arts. It is hoped that by having the school and the public work together, Xinzhuang can become an important artistic and cultural hub.

  4. The Music Department’s symphony orchestra and choir puts on a religious music concert every year.

  5. In the 2020, there were 17 fundraising shows put on by various departments and clubs. The College of Foreign Languages put on 8 theatrical performances, 8 musical performances featuring various musical instruments and styles, 4 contemporary dance performances, 4 film screening nights, and 7 lectures, for a total of 48 performances.