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FJCU’s Culturally Representative Building - Cardinal Yu Pin’s Grave 2023

FJCU has Chung Mei Auditorium, Immaculate Conception Chapel, Saint Mary’s Grotto, and Mausoleum of Cardinal Yu Pin. These buildings located around campus are of local cultural importance or have a religious meaning. All of these buildings are open to the public for free, where they can participate in events such as mass or festivals. For those who are not affiliated with the university can rent some of the venues (e.g. Chung Mei Auditorium) for a rental fee by filling an application.

The Mausoleum of Cardinal Yu Pin is a small church with a spire. This transparent building is the final resting place of Cardinal Yu Bin, the first president of FJCU. Built in 1978, architect Po-nien Lin was responsible for its design and construction. FJCU alumnus YuYu Yang was responsible for the decoration and beautification of the grave.

However, the cemetery itself is relatively low, resulting in poor drainage. After the overall planning and design of the JW Ecological Construction Method, the overall improvement of the park water system is carried out. On the main road, side roads and the road in front of Wenduo Building, paved with J W permeable pavement to become a quiet forest trail. The JW permeable pavement of about 374 square meters can store more than 30 tons of water at the moment of heavy rain, resolve long-term flooding, and achieve the functions of cooling water, preventing the breeding of disease vectors and mosquitoes, purifying air and improving water quality. In general, this improvement method enables the cardinal cemetery to have a quiet and elegant environment, brings a good cycle of the environment to the campus, and serves as an environmental education demonstration place for students to observe and learn.