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FJCU Public access to museums 2022

Located within the FJCU campus is the FJCU History Office, Chinese Catholic Museum, Au Ho-Nien Museum, Ko Si-Chi Photography Gallery, Chinese Textiles and Clothing Culture Center, and the FJCU Art Gallery, all of which are open to the public for free.

  1. Since FJCU’s founding, the FJCU History Office has maintained the school’s historical records, displaying historical documents, mottos and logos, images of important figures, school architecture, and the school’s current status in various sections.

  2. The Chinese Catholic Museum includes the Cardinal Yu Pin Memorial Hall, the Archbishop Lo Kuang Collection Hall and the Chinese Catholic Church. The collections housed by the museum are extensive and rich, fully promoting the essence of Catholicism.

  3. The Au Ho-Nien Art Museum has on permanent display more than 20 paintings by Ho-Nien Au: artist-in-residence at FJCU, national treasure, and a third generation heir to the Lingnan School of Painting, providing the public, teachers, and students with the chance to see authentic works of the great master.

  4. The Ko Si-Chi Photography Gallery has 50 of photographer Ko Si-Chi’s classic works on display. Ko Si-Chi was an artist-in-residence at FJCU.

  5. The Chinese Textiles and Clothing Culture Center has a collection of 10,729 items, including textiles, clothing, accessories and related materials, appliances, and more. The items’ geographical scope covers Taiwan, mainland China, and neighboring countries in East and Southeast Asia, and they were mostly sourced from ethnic groups such as the Han, indigenous peoples of Taiwan, and ethnic minorities from southwestern China. The items are important for teaching, research, and design inspiration.