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FJCU has a plan on improving the energy efficiency for buildings 2020

International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC)

Multiple buildings on campus are quite old (40-50 years old). To improve their energy efficiency can be a a challenging task. However, we are finding ways to maintain its energy efficiency at a steady state.
Completed: In 2018, six buildings on campus (used by a comparatively higher number of students) had their reading lamps changed to LED light bulbs. A total of 16,518 lamps were thus swapped, resulting in an energy saving of 66%, equivalent to 1,695,673 kwh.
In progress: All renovations or purchasing of new equipment shall utilize energy-saving appliances.
Future plans:
1. Replacement of all aged and/or inefficient high/low voltage substations.
2. Solar-powered LEDs to be utilized for street lights