SDGs Stories

The Ugly Vegetable A Vegetables Beautiful Transformation 2019

Feeling that a great deal of produce is thrown away simply because of imperfect appearance or minor blemishes, the “Ugly Vegetable” group from the Art and Culture Creation program has been visiting small farms and farmers market associations in order to better understand how produce that lacks market appeal is disposed of. They have also made use of “ugly” seasonal produce provided by the farms by working with Journey Food Truck and Share Kitchen to create lunchboxes. After selling these lunchboxes on campus, part of the money earned was donated to Chung Yi Orphanage. The group hopes to encourage people to waste less food and make the best use of unappealing produce that would have otherwise been thrown away.

  • 4 Creative food lectures
  • 2 Collaborating restaurants
  • 6 Small collaborating farms