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FJCU, a Great Place to Go for Exercise and Leisure for the Residents of Xinzhuang, Wugu, and Taishan 2020

International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC)

The school offers sports facilities for use by members of the community. Open access to facilities such as football field, track and field can all be used without charge and when they are not being use by classes. These facilities are available for holding events upon application, and only maintenance fees or fees to cover overtime pay for cleaning staff are charged. One example of such use would be the provision of lighting for youth soccer organizations, which conduct training in the evening.
For various sports facilities, such as the indoor swimming pool, which requires maintenance by professionals, students can use these facilities without charge for their classes, and we also offer various value-for-money payment plans for the general public. At a cost of less than US$1 per day (or an annual fee of NT$9,000/approx. US$300), members of the community have access to a safe and good-quality environment to exercise. We are dedicated towards the health and welfare of all people.