SDGs Stories

FJCU established a medical volunteer team with the aim of helping to improve health care in foreign countries 2019

FJCU established a medical volunteer team to serve in Tanzania, where it collaborated with the local church to not only provide health education, check-ups, and sanitary pads, but also launched short-term and long-term projects to boost local hygiene, increase health care resources, and enhance the diagnostic abilities of Tanzanian doctors. Key projects include the construction of a delivery suite, a water resource project, a medical exchange program for Tanzanian doctors to visit Taiwan, and so forth. In light of Tanzanias lack of resources and the needs of its people, we hope that, through these projects, Taiwans robust medical resources can be recognized globally so as to render assistance to more people who are in need worldwide.

  • A delivery suite was inaugurated in August 2016
  • Dr. Sanka traveled from Tanzania to Taiwan in March 2016 for a medical externship
  • Construction of a water tower was completed in August 2019