SDGs Stories

Long-term promotion of projects pertaining to health and well-being through service learning 2019

FJCU adopts a holistic approach to education, combining the sense of mission unique to Catholic schools with the spirit of compassion and service. In 2008, the Service Learning Center was established; via service learning and courses offered at various departments, students have the opportunity to learn through hands-on experience. FJCU incorporates professional training and community service into its students learning, and includes courses such as Introduction to University Life for freshmen and Philosophy of Life for sophomores. Through these courses, services are provided to three major groups: disabled people, children and youths, and the elderly. FJCU aims to promote childrens education, family development, healthy ageing, caring for others, and so forth, focusing on the areas surrounding FJCU, such as Xinzhuang, Taishan, Wugu, Taoyuan, and the Greater Taipei Area.

  • Offered 6 courses on medical care for children in remote areas; the total number of participants was 140
  • A total of 164 people joined the Remote Areas Healthcare Services ProjectTwice recognized by the Ministry of Education with an  award of excellence in service learning