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First in Taiwan to implement mentorship system to ensure teaching based on student ability is not empty talk; regardless of gender, no student will be left behind 2020

International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC)

In 1980, FJCU implemented the mentorship system, becoming the first university in Taiwan to do so. The results of the practice have been widely recognized, and other tertiary institutions in Taiwan were quick to emulate. The mentorship system is founded on three core beliefs. Firstly, regardless of financial background, all students would be taken care of. Secondly, from an educational perspective, all students of FJCU are viewed as talents. Thirdly, from a mental health perspective, we endeavor to promote a counseling mechanism. Through a greater amount of communication, there would be less unnecessary injury or death, and it would help students move forward on the path to their future.
1. The school holds gender equity educational activities and conferences each year.
2. The school’s counseling center offers bespoke consultation services. Students can make appointments for one on one counseling. In the academic year of 2019, a total of 11 counseling seminars were held, and female students made up the majority of participants, outstripping the next largest group by more than 10%.
3. Implementing the mentorship system means that each class would have an advisor, who would get to know their students through the online advisor guidance system and offer relevant guidance on life and academic studies.
4. The university has 4 Jesuit Mission offices that offer a range of activities to address students’ physiological, psychological, and spiritual needs as well as to help students understand the spirit of a shared community. Individualized counseling services are also available to students with special needs.